Hangzhou Boduo Industrial Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2008, which was developed from Hangzhou Jiahe Food Industry. Since 2012, the company has devoted itself to the production and sales of bubble tea raw material. Now, Hangzhou Boduo has four manufacturing center(Hangzhou Jiahe Food Co., Ltd, Dancheng Boxin Biology and Technology Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Boduo Industrial Co., Ltd Food Factory, Zhejiang qiyiniao Biological Technology Co. Ltd.), one exporting company(Hangzhou Michao Food and Trade Co., Ltd) and one consulting company(Hangzhou Qiyiniao Drinks Technology Co., Ltd.). The company also owns an individual research team, which organized by 50 professors. Four manufacturing center separately covers: Non Dairy Creamer, Popping Boba, Solid Beverage 3 mainly products lines. The capability of Non Dairy Creamer for Boduo can be more than 100,000 tons per year.


Hangzhou Jiahe Food Co.,Ltd, as an important Boduo family member, it is taking charge of all the exporting and abroad business. And, we have already exported our products to Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Italy and so on.