When Can Add Non Dairy Creamer in Drinking Coffee

Time:2016-02-23 10:40

Many people love to drink coffee with non dairy creamer, also hope that coffee can keep hotter temperatures. We all know non dairy creamer will make coffee cooling, but when should non dairy creamer be added? Add it when coffee made immediately, or before drinking coffee? Which one can make people drink much hotter coffee, what difference in these two methods are there?

In fact, as long as you prepare a thermometer with high accuracy can you  solve this problem, but you have to measure equal amounts of coffee and non dairy creamer, and prepare the the same shape and size of cups, must also determine the initial temperature of two cups of coffee and non dairy creamer. But it isn't easy to carry out this research in kitchen. Let's think together to have a look.

Non dairy creamer

Under the same conditions, you may think that the two methods will eventually get the same temperature, beacuase you will add up coffee and cream calories and get the result.

But it is a pity, "other condition" will never be the same. No matter black coffee or coffee added non dairy creamer, we are unlikely to drink it in one gulp. During your brewing mood, coffee will be more or less cooling slightly, after all, the temperature must be low for the coffee temperature, heat flow direction is always from the high temperature of the material to the adjacent cold material. Therefore, the temperature will from liquid flow into the atmosphere, whether non dairy creamer coffee or black coffee, this point is the same.

However, there are two important differences between coffee and black coffee added non dairy creamer. With non dairy creamer, it will make liquid content in one cup of coffee slight increasing. Adding the non dairy creamer can make the temperature in a cup of coffee slightly decreased.

The importance of differences in the first is that it need more time to cool coffee when the amount of coffee become much, the coffee added the amount will take more time to diacharge the heat.

As for the second differences, the results are also similar, compared with black coffee added nothing,low temperature non dairy creamer coffee have the relatively slow cooling rate, the main reason is that the temperature difference betwween object and the surrounding environment is smaller, the non dairy creamer coffee cooling rate will be much slowly, so the non dairy creamer should be added at first.

Therefore, I suggest that the sooner the better with non dairy creamer, so you can let the coffee raising the temperature of about 0.5 ℃, I believe this0.5 ℃ can make your life a major breakthrough.

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