The Function of Non Dairy Creamer

Time:2016-02-23 10:44

Non dairy creamer is a noun that we often hear, when we drink coffee,we often add non dairy creamer for collocation. We always think that the non dairy creamer is a wonderful thing. Below we will look at the function of non dairy creamer.

The effect of non dairy creamer certainly comes with collocation and it can improve the flavor of coffee and make nutrition more balanced. Non dairy creamer can give us a milk feeling when we begin to drink coffee. So a cup of good coffee is lonely if there is without non dairy creamer.

Non dairy creamer

Non dairy creamer that we are familiar with also known as coffee mate.Non dairy creamer has a great variety, various function, wide application, the production history can be traced back to 50 s in 20 century, now has been widely used in baking food ingredients, cold food ingredients, candy ingredients, solid beverage ingredients.

The use of non dairy creamer as coffee mate in coffee, the main role is to improve the taste, balance nutrition, give "milk sense". But what it is on earth? Batching reads: the first component is the "glucose syrup", which is a microstrip sweet concentrated mixture that produced by starch hydrolysis, and also can make the solution become thicker. 

The second component is hydrogenated vegetable oil, a kind of semi solid oil that come from soybean oil or rapeseed oil by catalytic hydrogenation of artificial formation. The third component is sodium caseinate. The last are three kinds of food additives, such as stabilizer, emulsifier and anti-forming agent.

In addition to coffee, it is difficult to have a thing go with so many lovers and peace. If the strong black coffee is bitter fascinance devil, then non dairy creamer and sugar, as if an angel wings, bring the sweet and warm close to heaven. The western person say non dairy creamer and sugar are coffee-mate, and when the coffee taste more and more diverse, cream, chocolate,cinnamon, and other ingredients, all of which are fixed on the coffee table, black coffee is no longer a loyal companion, but to please the more discerning mouth.

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