Matters Needing Attention in Making Fruit Jam

Time:2016-02-23 10:45

Many fruits can be made into fruit jam, such as apple, pear, peach, pricot and so on, but need to pay attention to the following matters:

Pay attention to do not use rotten fruit, and the weight of the fruit is not include the core.

Generally, fruit jam made according to the portion of a pulp, half of the sugar (the weight of sugar can also be halved, and increase the same weight of maltose), the amount of sugar can be appropriate increase or decrease, sugar can make jam thick, and sugar is a very good antiseptic, too little use of sugar will make a shorter shelf life, if moderate sugar and disinfection good, fruit jam shelf-life can reach above 6 months. If fruits containing less water, such as apples, pears and so on can add a little half portions of water.

making fruit jam

The pot cooked jam should better acid-resistant, like blueberries, hawthorn cannot use the iron or aluminum pot to boil.

Pay attention to stir when cooking, preferably with a wooden spoon.

The container is best to use glass, and should boil for 10-5 minutes in water in advance for disinfection.

The fruit jam finished should be into a container while hot and covered with tightly, lid upside down placed, upward mouth after dry to normal (which can prevent air from entering in the bottle), it is better store in the best refrigerator.

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