Non Dairy Creamer Can Add Flavor, but Don't Be Excessive

Time:2016-03-21 22:09

Morning coffee is the essential drinks for a lot of people, in addition to people who love black coffee, adding milk and sugar is essential for many people before drinking coffee.

Bags of non dairy creamer like milk powder in seasoning box of the table, pour it into the cup and stir into ivory of cream white, suddenly reduce coffee astringency, make the deep brown coffee has a smooth taste. However, when people generally think of non dairy creamer is a milk product, but many non dairy creamer products marking they do not contain milk.But what are the components which can make non dairy creamer replace milk?

Non dairy creamer

A lot of people think non dairy creamer containing milk products, but view from the above composition, we may have a doubt, there are obvious not containing milk in the ingredients, why non dairy creamer can have the speciality and taste of milk?

In order to make the non dairy creamer replace the milk in the coffee, milktea and other beverages, non dairy creamer products will add vegetable oil to replace milk cream, and use emulsifier to help dissolve the oil, giving drink smooth, rich taste, the product can contain three or four portion of vegetable oil.

In addition, product add with sodium caseinate, sugar, spices and pigments and other components, the objective is to imitate the taste of milk and texture.

Non dairy creamer can add flavor but don't be excessive. 

Non dairy creamer can add flavor of coffee or milk tea, it is called a good friend of coffee and it is not excessive at all.

Non dairy creamer material are very safe food ingredients, long-term consumption is absolutely no problem. However, in particular to note is the part of its oil, but fat content of boduo non dairy creamer can adjust according to your own need.The only worry is solved.

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