Bubble Tea Ingredient:Popping Boba

Time:2016-02-24 12:35

Speaking of popping boba, people who had drank the milk tea at boduo stores should be clear, it is the most fashionable bubble tea ingredient now. In the production of milk tea, we will add some popping boba to make the drinks taste much better, look more beautiful. Now to introduce the characteristics of popping boba.

The characteristics of popping boba.

Can be preserved for one year by the low temperature sterilization.

The retention period can up to 180 days if keep in the cold, freeze storage.

Easy to use.

Shelf life can up to 120 days for unopened popping boba at room temperature.

Must be refrigerated after the opening.

popping boba

Popping boba can stay at room temperature, cold storage, it have the flavor of mango, passion fruit, orange, litchi, melon, grape, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, apple, coconut, yogurt etc. taste! The milktea will much delicious if placed popping boba in the production of milk tea.

The production of popping boba need what equipment:

Popping boba production equipment include: titration system, forming system, filtration system, cleaning curing system, filling and sealing system, sterilization system, PLC control system.

We can produce popping boba when we have the production equipment.

Popping boba is natural seaweed gel film, is a food made including fruit juice, yogurt, coffee, caramel. Feeling smoothly, with the tip of the tongue or teeth it will instantly inject juice, giving a strong impact on the mouth.General production process can be divided into coordination-titration- molding-filtration-cleaning-filling and sealing-sterilization.

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