Tips for Making Coffee Powder

Time:2016-02-25 13:38

Coffee has become indispensable things in the daily work for many urban white-collar in life. Along with the people's cognition and understanding of coffee, requirements of the quality of coffee and the personalized taste is more and more outstanding. Therefore, many white-collar workers away from the traditional coffee mode, switch to the arms of making coffee, how to make good use of coffee powder, and cook a cup of unique taste, in accordance with the requirements of their own coffee, we should pay attention to the following steps.

Boiling will make the coffee bitter, do not recommend boil coffee on the fire directly, the temperature should be between 90 to 96 degrees.

coffee powder

Cooking coffee should determine the amount according to the need, coffee cooked should be one-time drinking, should not heat the boiled coffee again, because it will make the poor taste, best flavor of coffee should maintain the temperature in 86 degrees.

Water is one of the important factors affecting the taste of coffee, should use fresh water to brew, every cup of water to 98% is appropriate. If the water smell strange, you can use activated carbon to filtrate.

To determine the quantity of coffee powder according to the demand of coffee, do not repeat to use or ground coffee powder, because the residual coffee powder has bitter ingredients.

According to the characteristics of coffee beans to decide the correct grinding. Grinding too thin, can cause excessive extraction, bitter, or block the injection infusion apparatus. Insufficient grinding will lead coffee light and like water. If using drip brewing apparatus, should take two to four minutes to complete drip process, is appropriate grinding.

Every 180 ml of water use 10 grams of ground coffee. No matter how much coffee dissolving, should be the same ratio of conditioning.

The time that coffee machine on the heat preservation should not more than 20 minutes, place too long will lose flavor. If you want to making the amount of one day, recommend to use vacuum insulation pot or kettle to save, and can keep your coffee temperature and the flavor for a long time.

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