How to Preserve Bubble Tea Ingredients

Time:2016-02-26 11:28

Checking the material and goods store makes a lot of friends who open tea shop in a big headache for bubble tea ingredients preservation, they do not know how to preserve and manage those types of bubble tea ingredients. Various kinds of bubble tea ingredients, it can be said that each series of products have different storage methods, I will make the detailed introduction about the storage method following.

Non dairy creamer

Non dairy creamer easy to absorb moisture, easy to deteriorate, so large bags ahould store in dry shade. the bulk and occasional non dairy creamer need to use sealed cans or non dairy creamer box-packed.

Popping boba

A whole bag of popping boba is sealed with plastic bag, FCL popping boba can be placed in dry shade. But the bulk popping boba need to use a plastic sealed bag, in order to prevent deterioration .

non dairy creamer

Concentrated juice/ fruit syrup / fruit jam 

Concentrated juice, fruit syrup and fruit jam, this three series all have relatively high sugar content, so the storage methods re almost the same.
They need to be put in a cool, ventilated place, to prevent damp, but not exposure in sunlight or near hot stuff.

Fruit flavor powder

Fruit flavor powder should be stored in dry shade.

Coffee powder

Coffee powder is sensitive to the storage environment, generally need to be placed in a cool, dry place, unopen coffee need to seal in the opaque jar, isolated from the air, water, sunlight. We can keep it in this way if we use it in a short period of time, we should put it in the refrigerator if we can use it out within two weeks. But cannot be frozen again after thawing.

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