The Efficacy and Preparation of Milk Tea

Time:2016-02-26 15:38

Milk tea can remove oil, help digestion, refresh and invigorate thinking, diuretic and detoxify, eliminate fatigue, but also suitable for acute and chronic enteritis, gastritis and duodenal ulcer patients. For drinking alcohol and narcotic drug poisoning, it can also play a role of detoxification.

A cup of good milk tea:

Materials: black tea, non dairy creamer, syrup, popping boba, ice cube.

Tools: conditioning bar (or chopsticks spoon) SK cup (or tightly sealed glass, bottles).

non dairy creamer

The red (green) tea that can be seen common in market, brewing with 350mL-500mL hot water, spare.

Every 350mL-500mL water mix 30g non dairy creamer(or coffee mate).

Add 750g sugar in 500g boiling water, stir, can get 638mL syrup(can be converted directly into honey).

Add popping boba(about 30g) in the fire for 30 minutes, turn off the fire and fish out popping boba into the cold water for 20 minutes and then add syrup or honey (better flavor) to save.

Making appropriate amount of ice cube.

Take 3-4 ice cube into the cup, 30g non dairy creamer, a tablespoon of sugar syrup, add 300mL-400mL black tea, lid tightly, to shake the cup for melting all the ice, finally add fired popping boba can transfer into a perfect cup of milk tea.

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