Product Characteristics of Boduo Popping Boba

Time:2016-02-29 13:31

Product characteristics of boduo popping boba:

Hangzhou boduo popping boba has six different flavors: mango, strawberry, blueberry, yogurt, orange, passion fruit. All are 3KG bucket.

Application of boduo popping boba: milk tea, fruit juice, ice, milkshakes, ice cream.

Product characteristics of boduo popping boba:

popping boba

The outer layer is the natural seaweed glue film. With multiple changes of fruit juice, the low temperature sterilization. The taste is very interesting, the sour flavor is very special but will not damage the taste of drinks itself, feel like enjoy two kinds of drinks at the same time, very value.

Easy to use (refrigeration after opening). To avoid the sun. This product can be heat-resistant, long temperature, low temperature, freezing (automatic reduction after thawing) etc. characteristics. Passion fruit is rich in air and filled with the taste of the juice. Who will say life is flat and uninteresting?

Boduo popping boba is elastic with strength and QQ, lightly bite, fruit juice surge forward to your mouth, lead you to endless aftertastes!

The best Q spring, fruity. See the delicious, eat the fresh! Let the popping boba instant detonate all your taste buds.

This product has a huge potential market, compared with other traditional products, this product has the quality of its richly endowed by nature, taste, price advantage, etc., will become the most popular new food ingredients.

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