How to Preserve Coffee Powder

Time:2016-03-01 13:15

In recent years, the coffee industry have great changes, the original sales of coffee beans mode change for the sale of coffee powder, because it is simple and convenient, many families don't have grinding bean machine and different coffee need use different coffee equipments to extract, and more businesses need to tell use what kind of coffee equipments to make coffee at the time of purchasekment.

 While coffee powder is more convenient, but relative to the coffee beans, quality variation speed of coffee powder is very fast, so the preservation is very important, how to keep the coffee powder fresh? Want to make the physical and chemical changes of coffee to minimize, packaging is a very important knowledge. Ground coffee powder is usually in tin bags. Should roll up the paper bag after opening the tin bags, if there is a clip, it is necessary to use clip for seizing. Then put in airtight containers, can be stored for 1 week at room temperature. If could not drink out within 1 week, will be stored in the freezer storage box of the refrigerator.

coffee powder

Coffee powder should be stored in a dry and cool place, don't put it in the refrigerator to absorb moisture. Coffee beans and ground coffee can be frozen, only need to pay attention to is to avoid part of the frozen dissolving and damp the coffee powder of bag whtn taking out coffee from the freezer. Americans think it is better to take coffee in the fridge. But the time should not more than one month. They take the portions of coffee bean they want to drink from the freezer, grinding while not yet dissolving and boiling it for drinking. Tin can which helped coffee storage can make coffee aroma hold more longer time. Plastic bags can store it, but the amount is less than tin can. While in a foreign country, coffee powder is sometimes sold in tin cans or plastic bags. Vacuum packaging is more conducive to the coffee store, the original flavor is more durable. Once opened the anti-oil or tin packaging bags of coffee, trying to get coffee beans or coffee powder place in a sealed can immediately. Coffee powder will not go mouldy in a  short time but coffee beans will absorb the flavour in the air.

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