Professional Knowledge of the Fruit Syrup

Time:2016-03-23 16:12

What is fruit syrup?

In order to differentiate the concentrated juice sold in market and the chemical syrup, we call this syrup which no preservatives, no artificial flavor, no artificial sweeteners, extracted from natural as natural fruit syrup.

Fruit production is broadly divided into three categories: America, Europe, Taiwan.

Natural fruit syrup is divided into several major categories:

Nuts (suit for coffee tea): hazelnut, caramel, chocolate, almonds and so on.

Fruits: passion fruit, pineapple, apple, peach, banana, orange, lemon, cherry, and so on.

Flowers: roses, lavender, violet, green mint, mint, cinnamon, vanilla, and so on.

Compounds: vanilla chestnut, green apple vanilla , red grape grapefruit lychee, mosido, and so on.

The application of fruit syrup?

The fruit syrup is food, nothing more than to eat and drink, so the fruit syrup can be used in any food. But must pay attention to whether the taste is good.

Fruit syrup sweetness dilution ratio: fruit syrup 1: water 7

But if dew the hot drink: syrup 1 : water 8-9

The taste can be adjusted by proportion according to personal preferences.

fruit syrup

Application of fruit syrup:


Add passionfruit syrup into the water directly, can modulate passionfruit juice or pineapple juice or kiwi juice, and so on.


Add milk directly into all kinds of fruit syrup, can modulate fresh milk of french flavor, and so on.


Add all kinds of fruit syrup into latte, cappuccino, and so on, can makespecial flavor coffee, such as: vanilla latte, rose latte and so on.

Milk tea

Hazelnut milk tea, vanilla milk tea, rose milk tea, caramel milk tea, Irish milk tea, Earl Grey milk tea, and so on. 


Cocoa flavor (make chocolate drinks taste more rich and varied!)

Black/Green tea

Add fruit syrup or flowers syrup in basal tea, you can easily get the flavor milk tea!

Fruit tea

Add compound fruit flavor syrup in basal tea, can make relatively rich taste.


Add ice cube in smoothie machine, then add other materials.


Add ice cube in bubble water and then add syrup, becomes colorful bubble juice drink!


Add beer to passion fruit flavor, presumably you never drink this innovative and wonderful taste!

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