How to Make Milk Tea Using Non Dairy Creamer

Time:2016-03-02 14:12

Milk tea, just as its name implies, it is a mixture of milk and tea and is generally made of milk and Black Tea. Both have rich milk sweet and fresh tea. Of course, it is not necessarily to make milk tea using milk, non dairy creamer can make milk tea taste more mellow. How to make milk tea using non dairy creamer? Here we make a cup of strong tea together, enjoy leisure time.

non dairy creamer

Methods / steps:

At first, prepare a shaker and a spoon that has the capacity of 5g. 

Use the spoon take three spoons of non dairy creamer (total 15g) into the shaker.

Pour 150ml Black Tea in the shaker.

Adding a small amount of ice cube and fructose, sweetness can be properly adjusted according to individual preferences.

Cover the shaker and shake it.

Shake up the milk tea in shaker.

Take a few pieces of ice cube, taste will be much better.

Plug in a straw and begin to enjoy the rich milk tea.

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