Favorite Drinks: Popping Boba

Time:2016-03-03 13:16

Doing the new drink and the blank market, the operation process is easy to grasp, less land occupation, high profit, it is the indispensable beverage project for restaurant industry current.

Popping boba milk tea with the novel taste and explosive taste has been leading to other milk tea taste, combine with pearl, coconut, honey beans,food crops, can create special rich and varied taste! It will be the biggest highlight of your roaring business!

Popping boba is elastic with strength and QQ, lightly bite, fruit juice surge forward to your mouth, lead you to endless aftertastes! The best Q spring, fruity. See the delicious, eat the fresh! Let the popping boba instant detonate all your taste buds.

popping boba

Through the independent research and development, Hangzhou jiahe will provide you this new season drink: popping boba juice milk tea. This product has a potential market, compared with pearl beans, coconut and other traditional products,  this product has the quality of its richly endowed by nature, taste, price advantage, etc., "popping boba" will be with you and I, "tipping food fashion", "win the explosion of wealth"!

Melon popping boba milk tea: sweet melon flavor, you will not forget the taste if you eat it, it is so charming.

Strawberry popping boba milk tea: every time that tongue to touch the fragrant taste, sweet strawberry flavor makes tenderness coming, let a person indulge in the mouth.

Kiwi popping boba milk tea: it will give you a mellow rich aroma, smooth throat feeling when it burst in your mouth, labiodental fragrance, milk flavor attractive. With the peculiar taste of popping boba, each mouthful is sweet.

Hangzhou Jiahe Food Co., Ltd. is a part of Hangzhou Boduo Industrial Co., Ltd. As an important Boduo family member, Hangzhou Jiahe is taking charge of all the exporting and abroad business. Hangzhou Boduo was established in 2008. The company owns an individual research team, which organized by 50 professors. Three established Manufacturing center separately covers: non dairy creamer, popping boba, solid beverage three mainly products line. 


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