Why Add Non Dairy Creamer in Making Milk Tea

Time:2016-03-03 15:21

Why add non dairy creamer in making milk tea? Can we make a good taste of milk tea without non dairy creamer? The answer is not (at least not yet now). Why?

Masterkong tea ingredients: water, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, whole milk powder, non dairy creamer, red tea, food additives, food flavor etc.

Unified tea ingredients: water, sugar, whole milk powder, high fructose corn syrup, red tea, non dairy creamer.

U-loveit tea ingredients: white sugar and non dairy creamer, whole milk powder, malt extract powder, instant Black tea powder, food additives.

non dairy creamer

Hong fluttering tea ingredients: non dairy creamer, sugar, evaporated skimmed milk, instant tea powder, cassia powder, food additives, food flavor, etc.

At present, whether the milk tea tune by small and big tea shop or sold in supermarkets of bottled tea or bag red tea, like Masterkong, Unity, U-loveit, Hong fluttering etc., all contain a ingredient: non dairy creamer (also called coffee mate). Non dairy creamer is not milk but is a kind of plant oil, used to add to beverages, food to improve the taste. Compared with milk and other dairy products, its main role is to improve the taste.

But can we make a good milk tea if we use milk instead of non dairy creamer ? At present, we can not make a good drink without non dairy creamer. Pay particular attention to health, we can mix milk with non dairy creamer when making milk tea. 

Milk products (such as non dairy creamer, milk and so on) can not add to acid thing (such as lemon).

Advantages of non dairy creamer: low cost, good taste, cost-effective.

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