Popping Boba Flower in Your Tongue

Time:2016-03-04 12:43

Spirit feeling tired in the afternoon, it is the most familiar choice to have a drink and a snack, refreshing.

Afternoon tea set menu is more and more, but the choice never too much. There are people who love Chinese snacks, rice noodles, noodles. Some people just want to taste anything new.

Now, it is not unusual adding pearl pudding in drinks, and the new coming of the popping boba get some new meaning. 

popping boba

Looks like pearls, glittering and translucent carving, suction to the mouth, bite by teeth, mango juice, coffee etc. out from the cold thin film, full of fruit immediately. It is said that this thin lips is natural ingredients using the seaweed as raw materials, the heat is almost zero, contain rich plant fiber. Have a few popping boba in drinks, your tongue will have a big surprise. And it can be collocated into mango popping boba, and also cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit etc. flavors popping boba. Meet your taste with a variety of flavors. 

Hngzhou Jiahe established three manufacturing center: Non dairy creamer, popping boba, solid beverage 3 mainly products line. All our products are ISO and QS approved, with good quality and competitive price. We have more than 2000 bubble tea chainstores. We are pleased to add you to our list of clients and looking forward to your enquiries. Kindly contact us if any questions.

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