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Time:2016-03-07 13:44

Mention the fruit juice, we naturally think that the more pure of fruit juice, the more useful for the human body, a lot of "100% fruit juice" beverage products are sought after by many consumers, but there are a large variety of fruit juices in the market today, part of the 100% fruit juice is actually not pure juice but are reconstituted juice that blending out with concentrated juice and pure water.

How to judge the 100% fruit juice or pure fruit juice is really pure?

Food safety experts say, to judge whether a fruit juice is pure, first of all to see its brand. Such as the current pure juice beverage series leader China Boduo products, belongs to the pure juice, but also loved by China high-end consumer groups.

concentrated juice

There are some differences between the country standard of pure fruit juice and the enterprise standard. 100% fruit juice labeld by enterprise standard juice, which means no additives, is diluted by the concentration of fruit juice and pure water. But in the concept of the people and the country, pure fruit juice is squeezed by the fruit, after sterilization, packaging, do not add anything, So 100% pure fruit juice of the company should be called reconstituted juice.

At present, visible fruit juice in the market generally recovered from concentrated juice. The vast majority of pure fresh fruit juice, in fact, is only a general fruit juice, and add water, sugar, preservative in the concentrated juice.

The fresh degree and the taste of the fruit can not be related to Boduo concentrated juice due to the process of concentration and recovery. 

Hangzhou Jiahe Food Co. Ltd., produced a series of  concentrated juice, is a fresh fruit directly filling by the process of pressing, filtration, sterilization in the vacuum environment, completely retained the natural nutrients of fruit, thus rich in nutrition. At the same time, strictly in not adding pigment or sugar, not adding preservatives in the production process, completely retain the original flavor of the fruit and ensure the taste of fruit juice much safer, healthier, more natural.

We are not doing fruit juice business, we do is a healthy art work, because only health and quality can be inherited.

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