How to Reduce the Cost for Milk Tea Shop

Time:2016-03-07 17:07

In fact, the cost of an investment in a tea shop is not low, viewing in the franchisee's point, it is sure to save the cost, but how to reduce the cost of tea shop, I believe many franchisees do not understand.

What is the most important for a milk tea shop? Money! Then how to make money? Continue to attract consumers into the store to consume, and reduce the cost of milk tea shop is the focus. How to make money, and how to reduce the cost of milk tea shop?

We can start from the customer cost, reduce the cost of tea shop, the most important thing is to improve sales. And how to improve the sales? Some benefits is essencial, such as membership benefits, couple price, second cup half price and other activities. Milk tea shop want to make money will need to rely on consumers, it is no use if no support of the consumers, no matter how your drink tea is good, and how the quality of service is nice. Only the consumers truly accept your milk tea shop, can you make more money.

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The next is the labor costs. The size of the store from the store, the number of employees is also different.It is very important to arrange the staff to the most suitable position. According to the situation and the ability to allow employees to play a greater value. It is not only reduce labor costs, but also can operate milk tea shop well.

Finally to introduce the cost of milk tea ingredient, each of the raw materials have a the life date, but seasonal changes, location etc. actors may lead to the low season and peak season, so when we purchase the milk tea ingredient we have to combine with the actual sale situation of the milk tea shop, try to achieve keep balance between sales and inventory. Some people may play petty tricks, using expired ingredient to produce milk tea, it looks as if saving the cost, in fact, it is to lift the stone to hit their own feet. Expired raw material will affect the taste of tea, no one will like drink bad taste of milk tea, naturally affect the sales performance of milk tea shop.

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