How to Make a Good Milktea: Non Dairy Creamer

Time:2016-03-23 16:18

How to make a good cup of milk tea? Milk tea that we usually say, actually is only half of tea, and the other half is milk.

Milk here is not the traditional sense of milk powder, but non dairy creamer, commonly known as coffee whitener. Non dairy reamer is a new product which take plant Oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil, casein as the main raw material. A lot of people (including media) said non dairy creamer is not healthy, the important reason is non dairy creamer containing trans fats which is harmful to the human body, however, with the technology updates and the growing concern for consumer health, now the manufacturers will be strictly control the content of trans fatty acids in the production, and even seek to achieve zero trans fatty acids, it can be said that now the non dairy creamer is becoming more and more healthy, and this is the inevitable development direction for food ingredient.

Some people say that since the non dairy creamer doesn't feel healthy, will the milk okay? First of all: all of the milk contain trans fatty acids, the content is about 4%-9%, so that the milk is unequal to health, this negative reports have never stopped. Secondly, all non dairy creamer manufacturers produce non dairy creamer in order to make tea or coffee, so the raw material is highly targeted, but the purpose of milk is drunk by people directly, it is not targeted at all in the application of raw materials, so the applicability is very low. Moreover, we have done experiments with fresh milk or dairy products to deploy milk tea, but the taste is not lovable, even generate fishy smell when the water temperature is not enough. Finally, we go to the cost problem that a lot of people are relatively pay attention to, let the taste alone, due to the high cost of milk powder, even if the taste is up, I think there is not much room for profit.

non dairy creamer

Based on the above points, we draw a conclusion: it is not practical for milk replacing non dairy creamer.

However, in the choice of the non dairy creamer, we should how to weigh? And now there are kinds of non dairy creamer brands in the market, and a large number of foreign brands swarm into domestic market continuously, indeed not to choose. I set a few directions for everyone, it can be used for reference:

The first: health food raw materials is in the first place. I suggest exclude non dairy creamer which contains high trans fatty acids when choosing the non dairy creamer at first, choose the brands which have enjoyed a high reputation and contains zero trans fatty acid.

Second: flavor. Although non dairy creamer has many model, but only have the kinds from the flavor. You need to consider the local market, it is different for fragrance non dairy creamer and fragrance-free non dairy creamer in making milk tea.

Third: Tea. The purpose of choosing non dairy creamer is to match the tea. The suitable non dairy creamer will reach mutual fusion and mutual support with your tea, you will find the taste of tea and milk flavor is the perfect fusion, and the non dairy creamer cover the bitter of tea, achieve a very degree of coordination.

Finally, we should know: the non dairy creamer must not be the more expensive, it is not the more generic, the better, but imported must not be better than domestic! Remember: non dairy creamer is used to match the tea, the one which most fit your tea is the best.

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