The Using of Expired Coffee Powder

Time:2016-03-09 21:48

Do you know how to make the full use of expired coffee powder?

Can be placed on the soil surface of the potted plant, not only can prevent the breeding of insects, but also can make fertilizer.

Wrapped coffee grounds with etamine to clean the stove and pot cover, decontamination ability is very strong.

Wrapped coffee powder with etamine and put it into the refrigerator and shoebox, can remove peculiar smell.

coffee powder

Put coffee powder in the ashtray, can remove the smoke smell, easily extinguish cigarette butts.

Mix coffee powder with shampoo, smear on the body when shower, have the function of scrubbing dead skin and whitening.

Coffee powder has the appropriate oil, wrapp coffee powder up and make into needle package which can make needle don't easy to rust, and sew clothes more conveniently.

Put coffee powder into the stockings and using for grinding the floor, can achieve the effect of waxing.

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