Non Dairy Creamer: the Best Coffee Mate

Time:2016-03-21 22:04

Mention of coffee mate, most people likely to think of the milky white powder, but which coffee mate will make coffee most delicious, most healthy? Who is the  the best coffee mate?

Non dairy creamer

What is the non dairy creamer? Western dairy industry started early, at the beginning when people drink a cup of coffee, they generally add non dairy creamer, which can not only make the coffee color more soft,thickening, slip, but also can neutralize the bitter taste of coffee. Now, non dairy creamer has been widely used in more and more application range. Be confined to coffee, also extends to the tea, soup, and solid beverage, and so on.

As a product of modern food industry, it has the advantage of good color, good taste, good flavor, no wonder that the daily food, such as fried foods, milk tea, beverages, cocoa, chocolate drinks and even nutritional cereals, everywhere can see it.


Because many women worry about fat, they do not want to add sugar in coffee, even so, coffee with sugar also are most people's choice.

non dairy creamer

Interestingly, the Danish scientists found that, compared with those who drink tea or coffee without sugar, the number of people who adding sugar are much thinner. This conclusion is really fantastic, then the researchers stressed, must do further tests to determine whether the combination of coffee with sugar activate the hormone which can cause loss of human appetite . So, in the case of inconclusive, we should better not to do that. And if add too much sugar into the coffee, Wouldn't drink coffee syrup? If the taste of sugar robs the place of the coffee, that's not good. 


Milk is usually suitable for blending espresso, or ornament of flower style. Seeing this collocation, can not fail to mention French milk coffee - both the scent of milk, and doesn't abandon the smell of coffee, taste is very good although is bitter.

However, long-term drinking with the coffee mixing milk, will cause some damage to the liver, because this mixing will produce a emulsion which not very stable and difficult to digest.


In Italy, many people will add some honey when drinking espresso, much healthier than sugar, and can increase the sweet taste, but attention you have to pay is the temperature control if want to retain the nutritional value of honey, do not add it into the coffee liquid which has high temperature. The nutrition of honey will disappear in hot water.


Salt with coffee?  Seeing this combination, you maybe surprised. Yes, old coffee ushered in the new fashion trend. To add salt in coffee, a little bit is good, you can make coffee taste more flesh, taste moist and smooth. But it is difficult to control the amount of salt for some people, this must be good, otherwise no adding.

Above of all,we can learn that non dairy creamer is the best coffee mate.

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