Introduction of Bubble Tea Ingredients Wholesale

Time:2016-03-11 14:25


In the cold winter, many people love to drink a hot drink, milk tea is one of the choice. On weekdays, invite a few good friends, buy a few cup of hot milk tea, find a quiet place talk of everything under the sunin, it is a kind of enjoyment!

Some people want to open a tea shop after the Spring Festival, but do not know where to start? Today, I will provide a entry list of bubble tea ingredients wholesale.

Bubble tea ingredients

Tea: Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, all kinds of tea and tea bags.

Powder: non dairy creamer, cocoa powder, green tea powder, coconut powder and other powder ingredients.

Fruit: lemon, orange, kumquat and other kinds of fresh fruit.

Bubble tea ingredients

Need categories of ingredients, major categories include:

Seasoning: fructose, fruit syrup and other flavored syrup.

Milk: milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk and so on.

The juice, concentrated juice, fruit jam.

Other: such as coffee beans, coffee powder, pulp (coconut, pearl)

It is a wise choice to invest big brand of Boduo, healthy and nutritional, good taste, the product has received praise from the public once it access to market! Boduo provide consumers a good rich platform, at the same meetting the needs of consumers, choosing Boduo will make your business easier. Taste more simple, long aftertaste.

Boduo drinks take the fruits and corn homologous ingredients as ingredients, on-site production of fresh fruit, grain baked and cooked by low temperature, superfine grinding into powder. On-site production, natural,green, original ecology. These are benefits you joining Boduo.

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