Boduo Bubble Tea Ingredients with Good Quality

Time:2016-03-21 22:04

What brand of milk tea powder are economical or benefitful, also has good taste? Why the milk tea chains have varieties tea or good taste? Maybe it is the biggest confusion for many tea shop owners. Excellent quality and inexpensive milk tea powder, just in Boduo!

Boduo is largest bubble tea ingredients manufacturer in East China. Provide bubble tea ingredients for the big chain shops. Bubble tea ingredients in Boduo is independent develoooed and produced by Boduo, good taste, good competition in the market, and has been the designated milk tea powder suppliers for a lot of tea shop.

Bubble tea ingredients

Boduo ingredients series: coffee mate series, concentrated juice, puree series, fruit juice powder, Olay, three in one series, coffee series, series, series, health grain series, feed series, equipment, containers, packaging materials, and even more patented product popping boba.

At the same time, Boduo not only provide high-quality bubble tea ingredients, but also provide more competitive services for milk tea shops: store image design, VI system design, decoration production, milk tea shop equipment, milk tea shop menu design, drinks R & D, poster product design etc...

Bubble tea ingredients provided by Boduo have been sealed packing, using special packaging bags, convenient storage, and can ensure that the products will not be damaged in the transportation.

Cost-effective, safety and health, we have more than one thousand drinks formula reserves, has R & D capabilities, provide OEM for multi-chain brand and quality guaranteed, there are more than 10000 stores using Boduo bubble tea ingredients.

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