How to Distinguish the Quality of Non Dairy Creamer or Tea

Time:2016-03-14 15:47

Many shopkeepers are worry about how to distinguish the quality of non dairy creamer or tea in wholesale of milk tea ingredient. Here, we must mention a word outside the title. 

Non dairy creamer can be added in coffee, tea and other beverages, and make it light milkiness, more smooth, more thick, it can contain milk or not. Non dairy creamer is not natural agricultural products, it is a kind of artificial concoction, so each product formula or similar, but not exactly the same. Non dairy creamer is a fat, carbohydrate, protein, water emulsification, spray dried into powder, it is a kind of additive to make the drink better, rather than a nutritional agent.

The tea is to bring the taste changes, tea varieties that commonly used are: coffee Black Tea, wheat taste Black Tea, jasmine Green Tea,Golden fragrant Black Tea, Assam Black Tea, count Black Tea, pure Black Tea, pure Green Tea, good tea can taste the tea fragrant and sweet, bad tea can only smell tea flavor and astringency. Coffee Black Tea, wheat taste Black Tea, jasmine Green Tea, are most commonly used, other black tea can be selected as the use of special tea in each store, if using special tea taste too light, you can add the tea directly bounght in the market to be mixed.

Non dairy creamer that suitable for tea should meet the following requirements:

Milk flavor: milk flavor and fragrance of high quality non dairy creamer come from oil and protein, rather than cause by artificial flavoring, the flavor in the mouth is not obvious, but it is very natural, mellow in the oral cavity and throat.

Purity: in the mouth and throat, non dairy creamer should be soft, smooth, no smell, taste, flavor powder, if milk appear separation phenomenon, it says that few effective ingredients in non dairy creamer, the quality is poor.

Thickness: the purity of non dairy creamer determined by protein content and fat varieties, quality non dairy creamer have a natural and rich flavor of oils in the mouth and throat, especially roundabout in the throat, and the most obvious is the proliferation in the mouth, the thickness of the milk tea is determined by the content of oil.

To distinguish the quality of non dairy creamer, to see from color at first . Generally speaking, white non dairy creamer color is good, can have a slight yellow, but can not be too serious, or affect the color of milk tea. Secondary, make simple difference in smell. Quality non dairy creamer smell no pungent taste.

In addition to the difference from the taste. We can distinguish the quality of non dairy creamer from the taste. The method is dissolving it inwater, not with other things, and then try to drink, the one which has a smooth mouth sense and the oil flavor is not strong are quality non dairy creamer, otherwise inferior non dairy creamer. This is the importance to distinguish the quality of non dairy creamer, because for the bad taste of non dairy creamer, no matter how the physicochemical index are good,but can't make a good drink, so the taste is the most key.

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