Non Dairy Creamer-Milk Tea Ingredients wiothout Milk

Time:2016-03-21 22:04

Non dairy creamer, the origin of this name comes from Taiwan. The original  is a foreign language: creamer, any white emulsion things, foreign people call it cream, such as cream, face cream, ointment cream and so on. Foreigners add milk or cream or artificial cream or powdered artificial cream into coffee when drinking it,and make it into the light emulsion, these things above all are called: creamer, no matter whether contains dairy products. It is called coffee creamer used in the coffee, and is called tea creamer used in the tea. So cream, creamer in a foreign language is not like Chinese "milk" or directly associated with the Chinese dairy products, it is covered in animals and plants. If further explaination, use creamer dairy (including milk) and non dairy creamer (non milk) to distinguish.

non dairy creamer

Non dairy creamer can be added in coffee, tea and other beverages, and make it light milkiness, more smooth, more thick, it can contain milk or not. Non dairy creamer is not natural agricultural products, it is a kind of artificial concoction, so each product formula or similar, but not exactly the same. Non dairy creamer is a kind of additive to make the drink better, rather than a nutritional agent.

Non dairy creamer take refined hydrogenated vegetable oil and a variety of food materials as raw materials, come through mixing, emulsifying, sterilization, spray drying. The product has good dispersion, water solubility, stability, can improve the nutritional value and heat in a variety of foods, and improve the solubility and the impact of the tone, to improve the taste and make products more delicious.

Application range:

Milk beverage, vegetable protein beverage, seasoning, solid beverage, cold drink, baking food, candy, chocolate, jelly, ice cream and other food.

Product type:

According to the requirements of customers, can produce different fat content and flavor products. Main including special tea creamer, non dairy creamer for coffee mate, non dairy creamer for ice cream, non dairy creamer for formula milk powder.

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