How Much do You Know about Non Dairy Creamer

Time:2016-03-21 22:10

We have mentioned before that the word of non dairy creamer comes from Taiwan and evolved from the foreign language: creamer. Westerners are used to put "non dairy creamer" into two category: non dairy (plant class) and dairy (including milk), listed below:

Liquid milk: milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, condensed flavor milk.

Milk powder: milk powder, cream powder, mixed-powder of vegetable oil and cream.

Non liquid milk: Plant light milk, cream ball, bottled liquid non dairy creamer.

Non dairy powder: non dairy creamer, coffee mate.

non dairy creamer

Non dairy creamer is one of the most essential raw materials for many friends who opening tea shop, the selection of milk tea directly affect the taste of milk tea, the tastes of milk tea will have a huge impact on the business of milk tea shop, so choosing a good non dairy creamer is essential for operating milk tea shop.

Since non dairy creamer is so important for milk tea shop, then which non dairy creamer is good for milk tea shop? At first,we must select qualified non dairy creamer from standard manufacturer, it is important to see the color and taste of deployed milk tea with non dairy creamer. In general, the milk tea which have a moderate shade, milk flavor, bright color, cool and smooth taste, the non dairy creamer used is good.

Boduo non dairy creamer is a good brand that many milk tea shop used.

In the procurement of non dairy creamer that one of the raw materials, should have a basic knowledgement about non dairy creamer, the best you can do is enjoy the milk tea personally and then decide what non dairy creamer to choose.

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