Knowledge You Should Know about Coffee

Time:2016-03-21 22:13

Instant coffee is a kind of brewing drinks for convenience and made from coffee beans. Small package are embedded in the complex processing, usually made after four steps:

Roasting: to remove the moisture, making it suitable for long-term storage, not easy corruption, product is qualitative after roasting and is helpful to subsequent processing.

Grinding: grinding the roasted beans into powder, in order to extract.

Extraction: it is one of the most important link for instant coffee, mainly to draw soluble substances out from coffee and aroma. There are many kinds of methods, and permeation set type is more common, as the name suggests usecounter-current extraction by hot water.

Drying: using the spray drying or freeze drying method to make extracted coffee into powder. Now freeze drying method is more common, because in this way can preserve the aroma of coffee.

coffee powder

However, how instant coffee was invented? It is summarized, there are three important people we must know, New Zealand National David Strang, Japanese nationality Satori Kato, British American Naturalization George Constant Washington etc..

David Strang: in 1889, he invented the instant coffee, and was patented in 1890.

Satori Kato: in 1901, improved manufacturing technology, and invented the coffee which could be brew as long as water adding water, but the taste is not accepted by the people of the world, so it has not received much attention.

George Constant Washington: in 1906, invented the production technique of instant coffee, that make instant coffee can be seen, so generally think he invented instant coffee.

For so long time, we think that Satori Kato is the original person who invented instant coffee, but in 2012, New Zealand historians announced David Strang is the earliest person who invented instant coffee. Another George Constant Washington would be known to the world, because of his instant coffee powder was purchased in the first World War by the United States and used on the battlefield, helping the soldiers to fight, so the soldiers also dubbed instant coffee as "a Cup of George".

But many people do not know that the United States is the largest coffee export country now, although they don't really drink instant coffee, but so, America still drank 1/3 production of coffee in the world, therefore no matter in the economy or life, coffee is so inseparable for them.

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