Milk Tea Raw Materials: Fruit Syrup

Time:2016-03-17 16:03

What is fruit syrup?  Fruit syrup is kind of sirup that manual concocted by water, white sugar, food additives (potassium sorbate, edible flavor), belonging to the one of milk tea raw materials that commonly used in milk tea concoct, and used as a seasoning ingredients in food and beverage industry. Fruit syrup has higher nutritional value and the drinks concocted by using fruit syrup is very delicious.

Nutrient ingredients of fruit syrup: nutrient ingredients of fruit syrup is mostly sugar, some fruit syrup use sweetener of stevioside instead of sugar, which inherent nutrients are less in the fruit and vegetable, nutritional value is relatively low. Fruit syrup also has the function of cooling and quenching, refreshing effect, such as orange fruit syrup, lemon fruit syrup.


Fruit syrup has a variety of flavors, including: toffee syrup, caramel syrup, maple syrup, hazel syrup, vanilla syrup, strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup and so on. Different syrup can concoct different flavors of drink.  

Fruit syrup storage method: avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, it is the plant extracts of natural ingredients if there are floc condensate in the bottle, please shake well before using.

Fruit syrup can be used in various tea drinks, coffee drinks, pastries,bread and other foods.

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