Method of Making Lemon Jam

Time:2016-03-18 13:13

Summer is coming, many girls will try their best to lose weight, we all know that lemon has a efficacy of powerful weight loss capacity, for the girls who want to lose weight and want to pay for whitening and moisturizing, lemon is the best choice, and the price is very affordable, but also very easy to buy. If you have fruit that cannot be eaten out in your home, and you have a cooking machine, you can make fruit jam yourself! In fact, it is verysimple.

Ingredient: one lemon

Accessories: water (50ML), kitchen ware, skillet.

Method of making lemon jam:

Prepare the lemon, sugar, water, lemon flavor (will be 10 grams)ingredient.

fruit jam

Cut lemon skin with a knife, and cut lemon into portions, pay attention to clean the white part of the skin, otherwise the mouth sense will be bitter.Put the lemon portions into the cooking machine, add water, stir evenly.

Put whipped lemon juice into the milk pot for heating, don't add sugar until boiling, and stir the sugar to dissolve.

Add lemon flavor powder to the pot and stir evenly.

Boil on low heat to thick, and then you can turn off the fire, pour it into the glass container with lid, dry to completely cool, cover the lid, put into the refrigerator, can be preserved for 2-3 months under normal circumstances.


Lemon flavor powder can also be instead by other powder, as long as it is yellow, the reason adding it just making the the color more beautiful. If you do not pay attention to appearance, this step can be omitted.

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