Non Dairy Creamer Actually Is Coffee Mate

Time:2016-03-21 12:48

There are many people love to add milk when drinking coffee, coffee added milk will make color lighter, better visual effect and more popular in taste. Milk container originally called "creamer", and then people called milk container as "creamer". And then, people called the milk added in the coffee as "creamer", but the liquid milk should be in cold storage, and it was not easy to use. 

In 1960s, Nestle company developed one thing called "coffee mate" to replace milk and as "creamer", Chinese translated into "non dairy creamer". Because it is a powder, did not need to be refrigerated, so became popular. Later, other companies produced similar products, but "coffee mate" cannot be used directly because it is the registered trademark of Nestle, so generally called "non dairy creamer", or more precisely, called "coffee whitener".

non dairy creamer

Although, coffee mate are called non-dairy products. In fact, the truth is that it contains milk ingredients. The key components of casein is the main protein in milk. When coffee mate developed, casein was by-product in cheese production, low price, there was no people regard it as the" milk products". In recent years, due to the different emulsifying properties of casein, nutritional value is high, prices soared, manufacturers have sought to other cheaper protein to replace. So far, similar products produced by soy protein and wheat protein into the market, has become a veritable "non dairy creamer".

In the past, this product only as coffee whitener to replace milk. Later, people take it directly to flush drink. In the premise of maintaining the quality of products, reduce production costs, so non dairy creamer has become one of the important raw materials for the food industry, now it has been widely used in coffee, milk tea, ice cream and drinks. And the application range of non dairy creamer is also gradually increased.  

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