Non Dairy Creamer Is Not Related with Hydrogenated Oil

Time:2016-03-24 09:23

The panic of non dairy  creamer more comes from the fear of hydrogenated oils.

In the production process of non dairy creamer, using the oil with high melting point will get the better product shape and taste. Fat of vegetable oil is mainly unsaturated fatty acids, so it have a lower melting point and is liquid in room temperature. By the catalytic reaction, add hydrogen in part of unsaturated bond and make it saturated, then can raise the melting point of vegetable oil, thereby increasing the stability of oil and the properties of application in food processing. Hydrogenated oil are exactly helpful to non dairy creamer production, so once been widely used.

non dairy creamer

But later research showed that hydrogenated oils contain more trans unsaturated fatty acids. These trans fatty acids without any benefits on the human body, actually harm to health, so the use of hydrogenated oils is opposed.

However, the dangers of trans fatty acids is not large. The FDA and the WHO etc. institutions thought that eating 2 grams of trans fatty acids had no significant effect on human health one day, so allowed a certain amount of trans fatty acids in food. If the non dariy creamer just use as coffee whitener, the human daily intake hardly more than 2 grams, therefore many non dairy creamer on the market in the United States is still produced with hydrogenated oils. 

After all, producing non dariy creamer like this just hope that the melting point of the oil is high enough, not only can be achieved rely on hydrogenated oils. In fact, even if it is a common plant oil, but also can make qualified products. Now, the production of non dairy  creamer may completely do not use hydrogenated oils.

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