Which Milk Tea Taste Good?

Time:2016-03-22 15:10

It is not a simple thing to make a cup of delicious tea for beginners in the tea shop, more details need to pay attention to. Otherwise the taste of milk tea will have a bad taste, or the cost will not worthwhile.

It is not very complicated making a cup of tea, only need to master the method. 

Time control. A lot of milk tea need to add tea, and the tea is drawed by tea-leaves, the first is to boil water, Green Tea should draw 8 to 10 minutes, Black Tea should draw for 12 minutes because its stable property.

Temperature control. Such as non dairy creamer and fruit flavor powder need to dissolve completely using hot water at first, or you can also use tea, but also dissolving the non dairy creamer and fruit flavor powder before adding ice and water, otherwise non dairy creamer or fruit flavor powder will be caking, and they will be not completely dissolved no matter how you shake them. 

popping boba

Finally, when you cooking popping boba, you should cover the lid for a while after you finished, and in this way, the popping boba will be more flexible and elastic.

What milk tea taste good?

There are many tea shop, and numerous kinds of tea. You can try the original pearl milk tea, with the tea fragrance and milk flavor aroma,but also have the smooth popping boba with texture. And it is the most affordable and more suitable for tea shop that vigorously promoted.

We can add ice in pearl milk tea in summer, or finish it in advance. How cool it would be if have a cup of ice tea in hot summer! Pearl milk tea not only are the vast number of consumers favorite in the summer,but also preferred by young people in winter, holding steaming tea in cold winter will make you really warm.

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