Making Method and the Use of Special Fruit Juice

Time:2016-03-23 13:51

We see all kinds of fruit juice in the market, direct drinking, convenient and fast. Here I will tell you something about post-mixed beverages are of unique flavor and wide uses. For example, if guests visit you, you can make post-mixed beverages according to the tastes of their own and make a more attractive taste, but also looks more classy, the more important is that the guests can also see your heart from the process.

fruit juice

Add tea in the fruit juice, sometimes can with fresh fruit, such as kumquat lemon juice. Add tea, fructose, ice and water in kumquat lemon juice and shake it, then it is better to put some fresh kumquat in. If you want to do a more beautiful fruit juice, you can layer using jam and milk tea. 

The step as follows: put two or three spoons of jam in the glass(it is better to use coloured jam so as to reach the obvious color), then add ice up to 2cm from the cup, take the right amount of fruit juice that the color of juice is different with the jam, diverting using spoon, slowly pours into the cup along the glass wall. In the end, add milk cap and you can paint a wide variety of patterns with chocolate sauce, and then you can get satisfying milk tea.

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