Common Sense of Fruit Jam

Time:2016-03-23 15:53

Fruit jam is the fresh fruit processing into a paste in popular speak,may add sugar, acid base balance regulator. All are vacuum bottled or canned, this is for anti-corrosion and extending its shelf life. Different fruits can be made into different flavors of jam, jam can also make different taste of milk tea. Milk tea jam can be used in: making fruit juice, smoothies and fruit milk and fruit tea and so on.

Flavors of fruit jam are very rich, you can buy all kinds of fruit jams that you like, taste good, suitable for mass consumption, but also right amount, should not be too much. Because sugar content in jam is high, so can not eat too much, especially it is not edible for diabetic patients, as well as coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction nephritis patients.

fruit jam

Jam contains natural fruit acid, can help digestion, promote appetite. Because of the main ingredient of jam is the fruit sauce, nutrient composition is relatively high, so it is not only can be used in the tea shop but also can be made  nutritional meal in the common family. Such as, we can put the right amount of jam in breakfast milk or soy milk and tastes very special, or you can make a salad in the home and it will make the salad special.

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