What Is Popping Boba?

Time:2016-03-31 11:19

Popping boba has become the most fashionable milk tea raw material.It is covered with seaweed glue film, and juice inside. Low temperature sterilization and can be kept one year at room temperature, it is convenient to use (keep cold after opening).

Popping boba can be preserved at room temperature, cold storage, also can be frozen, has the characteristic of heat-resisting. Can't be pressed or heated in microwave. It has the taste of rich flavors after the explosion. It also can be put in yogurt, fruit, cake and make them more delicious.

Characteristics of popping boba

After the low temperature sterilization, can be stored for one year at room temperature.

Easy to use.

It can be preserved 120 days for unopened package at room temperature.

popping boba

In the condition of the cold and frozen storage, the maintenance period up to 180 days.

Keep in cold storage after the opening. 

Making method of popping boba:

Popping boba using special technology wraping juice in a thin film, will break out sweet taste by pressing it, and the taste is impressive. This thin layer of popping boba using seaweed as raw material, we get this pure natural ingredients after boiling, cooling, drying and other processes. Because of its heat is almost zero, and contains wealthful plant fiber, it became a popular food in japan quickly. 

The characteristics of popping boba:

Popping boba is the cubilose in plants, refined by seaweed extract, rich in minerals and contains a variety of vitamins,the biggest feature is rich in plant fiber, can effectively achieve the slimming and have the effect of skin beautification.

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