How to Use Ice Cream Powder

Time:2016-03-25 14:55

It can be said that ice cream have been the food that a lot of people love, especially in the hot summer. Sweet and soft taste, and cool after freezing, making it become the representative food in hot summer, then do you know how to use ice cream powder?

Although the ice cream is a kind of favorite food for many people, but absolutely can not eat too much, because it is not conducive to gastrointestinal health, especially for children, do not be hooked to the delicious of ice cream, because there will easily appear the phenomenon of diarrhea.

The first step: mixing the ice cream powder. Mix the ice cream powder with water and milk (put according to your own taste).

The second step: stirring.

The third step: frozing. You can do it if you have the refrigerator, but the temperature can not be too low.

ice cream powder

Stir the ice cream powder after it dissolving fully, place for 15 minutes and then put it into into refrigerator, stir it every half an hour, so as to ensure that the taste is thick, otherwise the ice cream will be frozen like ice cube. A lot of buyers buy it home and directly throw it in the refrigerator or don't stir it at all, the taste they made is not thick and they saying there is something wrong with the ice cream powder. Actually, it is the problem of operation method, but not the raw materials, a lot of stirring will make ice cream tastes good. One piece of advice, don't put the ice cream in freezer too long, because ice cream powder will be frozen hard if placing so long time in the refrigerator.

Generally,the ratio of powder and liquid is about 1:3, like the kind of yogurt consistency. The water can be changed into milk, and the ice cream made in this way will have a better milk smell. Sugar can be added, but you should know that the ice cream powder you have bought had already added sugar. If you buy the original ice cream powder, in fact, you can add other things you like, the taste is really super good.

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