What Is the Ice Cream Powder

Time:2016-03-31 11:19

Summer is coming, we can eat ice cream, we often heard that the production of ice cream can not be separated from the ice cream powder,but what is the ice cream powder on earth?  In addition to the production of ice cream, is there have other efficiency for ice cream powder. Can we eat ice cream directly or apply it to other parts in our life?

Ingredients of ice cream powder is raw milk and sugar, it is created according to the formula. According to the shape of the finished product, we also divide the ice cream into two kinds: the soft ice cream powder and the hard ice cream powder. Two kinds of powder production of ice cream is basically the same, pour powder and water into the ice cream machine after mixing in the production, just the water ratio is different.

Adding order of a variety of raw materials: the problem is a complex problem, we must clear the physical and chemical properties of all kinds of raw materials. We have spend a lot of time on this issue, and finally decided the process chart, such as the addition of sugar, when to add and how much isappropriate, need to be determined. If join before spray, will make the products produce caramel flavor and the ice cream powder made will have particularly strong water absorbent, instant knot when you taking it out in the wrapper as soon as possible. But if not adding suger before spray will affect the solubility of ice cream powder. Finally determine the two times of adding sugar, and determine the proportion of each time.

ice cream powder

Sterilization: after the mixing of a variety of raw materials, the sterilization temperature and time control is a problem that can not be ignored, physical and chemical properties of these original materials are different, if the sterilization temperature and the time is not appropriate, it may not be possible to achieve the purpose of sterilization, so the correct sterilization method must be determined.

Super high pressure homogenization: This is an important part in the manufacture of ice cream powder. Ice cream powder demand delicate organization and diameter can only be in the 2 ~ 1 microns, the viscosity of raw materials increased, add water in the condenser of ice cream and become a permanent emulsion suspension, the air has become tiny bubbles, and come into the ice cream increasing its capacity and obtain the required expansion rate.

Instantaneous dry: because the ice cream powder has a very strong water absorption, must appropriately reduce the relative humidity of the exhaust air, so we has taken several measures to reduce the intake air temperature, reduce the spray amount, and improve the exhaust temperature.

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