Will Non Dairy Creamer Harm to Your Health?

Time:2016-03-31 13:23

Milk tea is the favorite drink for many people. In the hot weather, tea shop business in the street will be popular. And we know that many businesses will add non dairy creamer in the milk tea in order to increase the taste on the market. However, nowadays, non dairy creamer is being hyped up by the news media and the network in security problems, leading to adding fear of non dairy creamer product for consumers. So what is non dairy creamer? Can it realy bring great harm to human health? With these questions, following we will explain the problem of non dairy creamer.

Non dairy creamer takes hydrogenated vegetable oil, starch syrup, sodium caseinate, emulsion agent, thickening agent etc. as the main raw material, after the deployment, emulsification, sterilization, spray drying and made of a new type of food. So called hydrogenated vegetable oils through catalytic (hydrogenation) will turn to the saturated or semi saturated fatty acids. Fatty acid in vegetable oil is mainly semi saturated fatty acids, low melting point, be liquid at room temperature,poor stability state. However, after the hydrogenation, the melting point of vegetable oil is enhanced, thereby increasing the stability of the oil, and applied in food processing.

Non dairy creamer has good water solubility, much more cream and polydispersity, can form steady liquid cream in the water. Non Dairy Creamer(coffee mate) can improve the internal structure of food,increase aroma and fat,make the taste fine and smooth, so it is a good mate for coffee products. Non dairy creamer can be used for the deployment of a wide variety of milk tea, instant cereal, cakes, biscuits and so on.

non dairy creamer

When the production process that producing non dairy creamer the old years ago, creamer, hydrogenated vegetable oil in the hydrogenation process, will produce the trans fatty acids content. But with the development of modern science and technology, at present, in the production process of non dairy creamer, we can control the production of fatty acids through the production process technology. So that it does not contain trans fatty acids.For trans fatty acids, expert studies show that only if the long-term excessive intake of trans fatty acids content, will have a greater harm to human health.

The most long-term intake of trans fatty acids can increase the low density lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein decreased, and increase the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, cerebrovascular accident and other diseases. Therefore, the European and American countries besieged put forward their requirements of the highest limited or should be identified. Such as,Denmark requires no more than 2%, Danish requirements of less than 3%, the Australian requirements in France Requirements under 3.8%, Holland and Sweden are below 5%, and the United States and Canada are required to marking the trans fatty acid content.But there is no unified standards, China has not related to the standard requirements.

At present, non dairy creamer is being hyped up by the news media and the network in security problems, leading to adding fear of non dairy creamer product for consumers. We should be rational and scientific to look at this problem, the United States FDA and WHO etc. other agencies believe that human health is still not significantly affected,even though daily intake of 2G trans fatty acids.

Non dairy creamer is allowed to use in our country's food laws and regulations, the state has promulgated a new type of food material. Production and use of the non dairy creamer will follow the national standards, Just not the long-term consumption of the food that contain high - fat and fatty acids in non dairy creamer, there is no effect on human health. People can eliminate fear psychology hyped up by the news media and Internet.

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