Difference Between Non Dairy Creamer and Milk Powder

Time:2016-04-01 13:10

Non dairy creamer is a food additive used to add in coffee, Black tea or pour in jelly, tea jelly, turtle jelly, increasing the flavor of food and smooth texture. Non dairy creamer usually are white liquid or powder. May be canned or packed into a small package, easy to use.

Milk powder mainly use cow's milk as raw material, after disinfection, degreasing, drying process and make powder. There are goats and other animals producing milk products, milk powder can be divided into formula milk powder, common milk powder, skim milk powder according to the different production process and adding materials.

Milk or milk powder is then used as coffee whitener; but"non dairy creamer" was born used as coffee whitener, and later was found other uses. On their coffee whitening function, the two have no obvious difference, but their composition are quite different.

non dairy creamer

Protein content in milk is very high and about 3.4% , whole milk fat is about 3.6%; other major component is about 5% of the lactose and 0.7% of minerals. The composition of milk produced by the cow of different places and different varieties are different. And core indicators of coffee whitener have two: good whitening effect and easily dispersed. The former depends solids content in creamer and the fat particle size, the smaller the particle is white.The latter not only affected by the particle size, but also inter particle adhesion.

The production of non dairy creamer will try to reduce the protein amount and increase fat (usually with vegetable oil) because of the proteins are expensive far than fat. In general, protein concentration not more than 1%,and the oil concentration is about 10% or so in liquid creamer before drying solid. In order to obtain taste and flavor similar with milk, will add corn syrup about 10%. If this protein content is not sufficient to emulsify effectively these oils will add the small molecular emulsifier. Small molecular emulsifier in addition to greatly improve the emulsification efficiency, effectively reducing the particle size, thereby increasing the whiteness, but also helping particles dispersing in the water.

It is not difficult to see that non dairy creamer born as a coffee whitener, only in the pursuit of morphologically similar and cost low, because people adding non dairy creamer are not in order to obtain the nutrients in milk when drinking coffee,so from this sense, non dairy creamer is a successful product.

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