Popping Boba-Taste of Fruit Juice

Time:2016-04-11 12:51

The air was filled with the taste of fruit juice, who will say life is uninteresting or tasteless?

Popping boba have strength elastic QQ membrane,fruity surging forward your mouth when lightly bite.Led you to meaningful afterthoughts.

Visible delicious, tasted fresh! This year, let poping boba burst instantly detonated all your taste buds.

Through the independent research and development,Hangzhou jiahe Food Co. Ltd. carefully provide this new food for you:popping boba. Our company is the only one producer of popping boba,the market of popping boba has great potential, compared with pearl beans, coconut and other traditional products, this product has the unique quality, taste and price advantage,, is about to become the most popular novel food ingredients.

Let us follow the fashion, "popping boba" will go with you and I together, "tipping taste","win the explosion of wealth!

Product characteristics:

The outer layer is a natural seaweed glue film. Containing more changeful fruit juice, using cold sterilization. Taste is very interesting, acidity is very special, but it will not damage the taste of the drink itself, feel like enjoying two drinks at the same time, it is very valueable.

Cold storage conditions, quality guarantee period is 1 year.

Easy to use (need for refrigeration after open). Avoid sunlight. This product can be heat resistance, long temperature, low temperature, freezing (automatic reduction), etc. characteristics.

Hangzhou Jiahe food Co., Ltd is specialized in popping boba and other bubble tea ingredients for many years. All our products are ISO and QS approved, with good quality and competitive price. We have more than 2000 bubble tea hainstores. We are pleased to add you to our list of clients and looking forward to your enquiries. Kindly contact us if any questions.

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