concentrated juice

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juice is a liquid ( drink) that is naturally contained from fruits and vegetable. it can also refered to liquids that are flavored with this or other biological  food source such as  meat and sea food.
it is commonly consumed  as a
beverage ( human consumption) or used as ingredient or flavoring in food or other beverage( human consumption). juice emerged as popular beverage choice after development pasteurization ( process that kills micribes mainly bacteria in food and drinks such as milk and juice) method that allowed its preservation without fermentation. juice is mechanically squeezing or macerating ( softenig or breaking into small pieces using liquid) fruits and vegetables flesh without application of heat or solvent. forexample orange juice is extracted from orange trees and mango juice is extraced from mango trees and others. juices may be prepared in the home of flesh fruits using a variety of hand or electric juicers.

although processing methods vary between juicers the genellar processing methods of juicers;
.washing and sorting
.juice extraction ( peering fruits)
filtration( operation of separating solid from liquid such that the fluid can pass) and clarificatio ( process of removing solid from water)
.blending pasteurisation
.filling, sealing and sterilization
.cooling,labelling and packing.

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