jams and sypurp

Time:2016-07-19 13:35

                        jam and syrup

 is a condiment(to make food different and taste differentlly). It is made from pressed fruit ( plant s seeds) usually, by adding sugar, and sometimes pectin ( source of dietary fiber which is used to make jellies and jams). Most jams are cookedjust to get ready for eatding by heating it).
mainly there are so mamy ways to prepare it,like syrup is made from jam fruits to flavor pound cake and other dessert. so there are other type of jam including grape, strawberry,respberry and blueberry jam can be transformed into syrup. and they are produced when they have high quality to be used by beverages.there after tasting boduos product you find that boduo is the best company which produce liquids which so softy and tastable and also cheap to buy them.BODUO COMPANY is there to satisfy you.

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